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Our Classes

Classes offered: Creative movement, Kinder dance, Dance intro, Ballet, Lyrical, Fusion, Tap, Hip hop, Dance Acro

Class Legend

  • CM: Creative Movement: Ages 3 1/2 – 4 Yrs – Ballet movement
  • KD: Kinder dance:  Kindergarten – Ballet movement & tumbling DI: Dance Intro: dancers  1st-grade
  • Ballet/Tumbling fall session/ Tap added for winter session
  • SS: Shining Stars: Dancers 2nd-5th grade – Ballet/Dance Acro/Tap/Lyrical/Hip hop
  • RS: Rising Stars: Dancers 4th-11th grade – Ballet/Fusion*/Tap/Acro/Hip hop
  • BB: Broadway Bound: Dancers 3rd-5th grade – Ballet/Fusion*/Tap/Acro/Hip hop  (two ballet classes and teacher approval required)**
  • Intermediate: Pre-professional  4th-12th grade – Ballet/Fusion*/Tap/Acro/Hip Hop (two ballet classes per week & teacher approval required)**
  • Advanced Performance**: 8th – 12th grade – Ballet/contemporary/Acro/Lyrical/Tap/hip hop
  • * Fusion is a mixed curriculum of Jazz, Contemporary and Modern